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Just you, a Bike and the open road? We are working hard to make this dream possible for many bike enthusiests, campers, cyclists and even motocycle riders who love the outdoors but would love a little more creature comfort. our concept is simple. A self contained eco friendly with solar electricity mini camper that can be towed by a bicycle anywhere! no set up just park it and use it! Add adventure to your bike trips by easily extending your trips with this easy to tow portable shelter, just pack and go!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Is the World Ready For This?

The question may have been raised before, or maybe not? But here it is again, the idea of a mini camper that can be towed by a bicycle. It's not particularly a new idea. The idea has been done before only quite often ending up as being not very practical and being more of a novelty item. But in all seriousness what if such a product existed? What if such a product was practical in every way? Would the world be ready for such a product.

I can't speak for the world when it comes to my own opinion on the issue, I only know that there are a lot of people who have stepped up to the plate and built their own home made bicycle campers, built them because they wanted such a product so badly that they were driven to build it themselves. They had no choice since there is nothing like it on the market outside of the motorcycle industry. There are some small trailers made for bikes but a lot of these are along the lines of a "tent in a box." When we first started toying with the idea of a bicycle mini camper a "tent in a box" is the farthest thing away from what we wanted as cyclists who had had our experiences with tents. We wanted something that would keep you off of the damp ground, high and dry, survive the heaviest of downpours, offer many of the simple creature comforts of home and be easy and light weight enough to tow. We came up with our first camper concept and then tweaked it based on feedback from the cycling community. We feel it meets or exceeds many of the requirements that we wanted in a mini camper as cyclists. But is the world ready? I know that if I personally knew that such a product existed that I could buy commercially I would be all over this! My partners also agree, many of the people we have shown our camper concept to have also said and I quote: "This is the Coolest thing I have ever seen!" But would they buy it? Yes! is the definitive answer we have gotten back in response to that question time, and time again during our long endeavor into this project. We even have some dealerships very interested in carrying our product once it is developed and I think that alone speaks volumes because those people know their customers. I think also that if a lot of people knew that such a product existed they too would more than likely be very interested in such a thing.

We also know that commuter cycling in our fair city alone is up quite a higher percentage from previous years. This trend seems to be the same for the U.S. as well and also appears to be happening in the U.K. We know also that our research has indicated that bike camping statistics are also on a similar upwards trend as well. All of which would indicate a certain sort of "ripeness" for a product like our Bicycle Mini Camper.

On another more darker note though, what would happen if suddenly your life took an unexpected change for the worse and you were forced to live on the street. Would something like our mini camper be so much better that a cardboard box in some alley somewhere? You would be mobile, able to travel in freedom and comfort, sure a more "Nomadic" lifestyle would be in order. But given your alternative? I know that I would do it, in a heartbeat, hands down! One only has to go to google image results and type in "bicycle camper" to see the results of just how ready the world could very well be for such a product. I know I want one, my partners want one, many of the people we have presented our concept to would like one and I'll just bet there are many, many more unenlightened souls out there who would also love to own one ;)

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  1. Definitely cool-looking and smile provoking, but unnecessary complex and very impractical, IMHO. A tent is enough (if you ask me even it is too much, but I'm a little extreme in this regard ;)) and the camper will make travelling a lot more difficult, both up and down and especially when you are off-road.