Looking to Escape?

Just you, a Bike and the open road? We are working hard to make this dream possible for many bike enthusiests, campers, cyclists and even motocycle riders who love the outdoors but would love a little more creature comfort. our concept is simple. A self contained eco friendly with solar electricity mini camper that can be towed by a bicycle anywhere! no set up just park it and use it! Add adventure to your bike trips by easily extending your trips with this easy to tow portable shelter, just pack and go!

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Promo Pics

I have been working hard all week on some new promo pictures that show our Bicycle Mini Camper alongside a bike so people will have a better visual understanding of our campers scale.

When we say mini camper we mean "Mini Camper." You can see clearly the comparison in size compared to this rendering of our camper next to my mountain bike.

Our Mini Camper sleeps one person comfortably, and probably two if they were small enough and very cozy ;)

Practical design and outstanding use of space will make our Mini Camper a premium choice for the cyclist who loves to camp but hates the hassle of setting up a tent.

With our Mini Camper's ultra light weight construction "how far will you travel?"


  1. what a great idea for the outback of australia where i live might build one with all the mods and cons say solar with generator a fridge small enough small stove to cook with and using led bar lights for lighting with my lithium ion batteries without too much weight what a great idea guys look into that one too

  2. this would make for a perfect "KickStarters" campaign

  3. SICK design my friend ive been thinking of purchasing something like this to live in permanently!! i was wondering how i could maybe purchase one of these and get more detailed pictures?

    1. Thanks Eli,
      Well, the project is in kind of on the back burner for now. My somewhat slack business partner was taking WAY too long doing the blue prints so I dumped him.
      What is going to happen (Eventually) is that I am just going to re-design the whole thing and just make a prototype myself, look into blue printing and most likely just do the blue prints my self as from what I have learned online it's NOT that difficult. My last partner was taking way too long mucking about with stupid accessories like an "Awning" instead of getting the basic unit done as far a blue print. The amount of time I said "Don't worry about extras, we'll do that later" Just seemed to go in one ear and out the other. So I said if we are still here doing this a year from now and are going to miss another RV show then I am going to seriously re-think my roll in this. This is after all my idea. I did all of the concept art, 3D modelling, and promotional art... all he had to do was simple blue prints for parts that are to be truthful, Not all that complicated.
      So yeah, long story short, the project is on the back burner for now but WILL be re-designed. I will most likely make a fibre glass shell as I have gotten quite good at using fibre glass doing work on my K.I.T.T. project.