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Just you, a Bike and the open road? We are working hard to make this dream possible for many bike enthusiests, campers, cyclists and even motocycle riders who love the outdoors but would love a little more creature comfort. our concept is simple. A self contained eco friendly with solar electricity mini camper that can be towed by a bicycle anywhere! no set up just park it and use it! Add adventure to your bike trips by easily extending your trips with this easy to tow portable shelter, just pack and go!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Urban Freedom Outlander Mark II Design Completed

I have completed the new design for our 2nd version of our Bicycle Mini Camper. As you can see in these new 3D renderings our Mini Camper has a different shape making it less resistant to wind with the curved front and back. Our size is pretty much the same although this one I believe does have a little more head room while sitting up inside. I have also made a slightly larger fold out table.

Our rear stabilizer jacks are a little different to accommodate the position of the rear compartment hatch, they are of the "Swing Down" telescopic type of jack. This version of our Mini Camper has vents on the sides as well as the one on the roof, the side vents work very similar to those found in most automobiles where you can open or close the vents with a small switch or lever.

The same curtains and privacy blinds from our first version also fit the windows of our 2nd design as the windows are pretty much the same size and shape. The Solar panel is positioned a little more towards the back just behind the transparent skylight dome. The rear lights plaque is positioned a little higher off of the ground in this version because of it's unique almost "Egg" shape.

The external AC power cord hatch is also positioned more towards the back just behind the wheel well, we also placed the Solar battery compartment on the opposite side also just behind the wheel well.

Because of our Mini Campers new shape our trailer base is a little smaller which we believe should further cut down on the overall weight.

The interior design is also changed in that we now have the shelving unit along the door side wall, this makes for a shorter shelving unit. Foot space in front of the bed when folded up and used as a seat is also much smaller but still very efficient. We still have a very adequate amount of under the bed storage accessible from a removable panel located at the foot of the bed right next to the door.

You can see clearly how our new more aerodynamic design should make traveling much easier, even with a fairly strong wind blowing. All this plus ultra light weight construction should make this a very appealing choice for any avid bicycle camper. When given the problems with tents in rainy or damp conditions you are sure to love being high and dry and with many of the creature comforts of home with our newly designed Bicycle Mini Camper.

We are working very hard to make this dream a reality but we can't do it alone. We need your help to help make this new and innovative product a reality. We are trying to raise funds on our IndieGoGo campaign page so that we can have a Prototype built for spring 2012 in time for MEC's Bikefest and to also have it ready for other cycling and outdoor events throughout the summer like Cyclovia and many more. Please go to our IndieGoGo Campaign Page and be sure to check out the perks we are offering to show our appreciation of your support. With your help we can make this dream possible. So if this is a product that you would like to see one day available on the market please help support us in this goal.

Team UFO thanks you :D

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  1. if you can be a little more innovative towards the use of a hydro-cell motor bike, you know'' fuel-cell recharging as part of its features, use more solar-panels- yours is a very good idea- i know production cost-demand-- and such, you can always use associated technology sales and demand tables, and marketing target groups