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Friday, November 2, 2012

Benefits of a bicycle Camper/Trailer

For many cyclists, the idea of towing a bike trailer seems an almost daunting task when compared to the ‘free and easy’ experience of cycling. However there are many reasons for wanting to take a bike trailer when touring with your bike. Using a full set of panniers can often add unnecessary strain to your bike and often upset you balance where as you will not find this to be the case with a bicycle trailer.

1- Keeps your all of your gear dry when its raining. This to some might not seem very important but if you are carrying expensive equipment with you such as cameras or any other electronic gear you will quickly come to see the benefits that an enclosed water tight trailer will provide. Not only that but when it comes to sleeping in your trailer you will also feel comfortable and dry and not have to deal with the discomfort of damp sleeping bags or ground blankets or matting.

2- One clear benefit is the sheer amount of space within a trailer, and therefore the amount of items that can be carried whilst on any road trip. With a trailer's larger single space or smartly designed compartments, bulky or heavy items can be carried easily. Unlike with panniers, which usually has several smaller compartments which prevent larger single items from being transported, a trailer allows the cyclist to carry items of a much larger mass and may therefore be much more useful for trips which require longer tours.

3- A bike trailer isolates your bike from the load so you don't waste energy wiggling the load. Weighted panniers on the other hand turn the bike into a tank that has to be carefully controlled.

4- No damage to your bike Carrying heavy loads in bicycle panniers or mono wheel trailers needs a strong bike with strong wheels and frame. Two wheel bicycle trailer s are rotationally isolated from your bike, so even suspended or lightweight bikes don't suffer.

5- The trailer can be easily removed once you get to your location. reattaching panniers to the bike when they're fully weighted is a bit of a time consuming hassle.

6- Makes you more visible in traffic. While the width of a trailer in the road is a common concern, it actually tends to make drivers give cyclists a little more room. The added advantage of powerful LED lights and reflectors make you far more visible to automobile traffic, this is especially important at night.

7- Balance: The main advantage of a two wheel trailer has to do with the balance. A two wheel trailer is easier to handle because it provides it's own balance. It has less of an effect on the handling of the bike, two wheel trailers stay upright, which makes loading, unloading, and storage easier.

8- Handy for home use as well as touring (carrying groceries, collecting large purchases from shops)

9- Aggressive dogs tend to chase the trailer, keeping them away from your legs.


  1. Too high , too heavy . Make it a pop-up so the wind can't catch it . Even as heavy as this design is a strong wind will blow you and the bicycle right off the road . Riding into a light wind will be hard with that huge frontal area and high profile . I love your idea , I'm tried of sleeping on the ground on camping trips .

    1. Thanks, we'll certainly have our answers to these concerns once we have our prototype made, which will be very soon and then we'll know for sure. ;)

  2. Its a Carapod!

  3. On I would love one of the carapods for towing behind my smart car.

  4. I like it. How much does it weigh and what is the price point?

  5. How about some interior pictures?