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Just you, a Bike and the open road? We are working hard to make this dream possible for many bike enthusiests, campers, cyclists and even motocycle riders who love the outdoors but would love a little more creature comfort. our concept is simple. A self contained eco friendly with solar electricity mini camper that can be towed by a bicycle anywhere! no set up just park it and use it! Add adventure to your bike trips by easily extending your trips with this easy to tow portable shelter, just pack and go!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fabricator Meeting

We had our meeting with the fabricators about a week ago. Turns out we have to do some additional work on the blueprints in order for them to use them effectively. Cool thing is, is that Kurt said;

 "We can almost make this with what you currently have."

So that was very positive. The upshot of it is that it will take us a little longer to get our prototype out than we had initially expected. But rest assured it is moving forward... little baby steps but any steps forward is a great thing :)


  1. It's a wild thought, but have you all looked into the feasibility of 3D printing the UFO's? Consider the proposed use of the d-shape printer to print entire two storey homes. http://www.d-shape.com/tecnologia.htm

    If the tech could be made feasible, then it also becomes possible to recycle and grind down used materials into the dust/filament used for printing. Talk about eco!

    Food for thought. I'm a dreamer. Can't wait to see this on the market!

  2. I hope you start selling these soon, I really really want one.

  3. Where and when roughly will these be on the market me and my father in law really want one

  4. Please tell me these are coming out anywere near cencal pleaaase ive been waitin for one of these